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Paying for college - the what, when, and how
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If you’re unable to attend one of our live Paying for College presentations — or want to learn more prior to attending — VSAC’s new online presentation allows access to the same information from the convenience of your own home. Fully narrated and interactive, this presentation is designed to “school” you, in less than half an hour, on the topic of paying for college.

Before you begin...

Please note that the online version has accompanying narrative, so you’ll want to make sure your computer speakers are on. If you prefer, you can also follow the narrative by reading the content in the “notes” section. Don’t worry if you need to take a break during the presentation. You can pause the presentation at any point, and resume from where you left off or start anew.

If you need more information...

After you view the online presentation, you might find it helpful to download one or more VSAC handouts. (You’ll find a list by clicking on the “download” tab above.)

For additional information, you can also:  

  • Visit and click on the Pay for College tab.
  • Contact your high school to see if it offers a VSAC-sponsored Financial Aid Forms night.
  • View VSAC's complete listing of online presentations at

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